Vearna Gloster

Vearna’s inspiration for Honeybee and Nectarine came from the need to see both children and adults become more aware of Honeybees.  “I saw that there is not much literature in our school system if any at all, about the importance bees play in food production.” This is her first children’s book, which happens to be a first such book from the beekeeping sector in Trinidad and Tobago.  She wrote it at first in a notebook with a pencil as she wanted it to be simple enough to be understood by anyone.

Vearna believes that young readers will better understand why bees go to flowers and what transpires whilst they are there. The story also as a parallel tells of the beauty of friendship even though you may be different from the other individual.  It well serves as an opportunity for young readers to see that nature works together for balance. The book is currently available on Amazon. She is already writing part two of Honeybee and Nectarine along with a planned full length novel called 20 Minutes.

Being a Beekeeper for the past (15) fifteen years Vearna has also created a prototype for a Solar Bee Hive Vent which was awarded the Special Prize Category of the NIHERST Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity in 2015. Vearna’s use of her life experiences as it applies to honey proves that within all of us there us a story waiting to be told.

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