Pastor Jumu Grant

Pastor Jumu Grant is a praise and worship leader who resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He hails from the beautiful twin island of Trinidad &Tobago where he came through a lineage of Priests. His passion for music and worship started from a young age under the tutelage and influence of his Grandfather Rev Isaiah Cumming. Pastor Jumu, a dream chaser, has always shown a penchant for success and upward mobility and in an effort to pursue his dreams he became the worship Leader at Pillars of Truth Ministries under the stewardship of Apostle Dale DeVignes, who is also founder of the above mentioned ministries. In addition he also served as a background vocalist of the El ELYON Team which was at the time coordinated by Pastor & worship leader Brian Richards and Psalmist Hazel Richards.

His thirst and craving for worship opened the door for mentorship by both Pastors Brian Richards and Hazel Richards; an opportunity that set the momentum for God’s presence. Pastor Jumu Grant, a very devout Servant of God is married to a Beautiful Woman of God Keisha Grant, and from this union four beautiful children were born. In 2018 he was ordained as a Pastor at I Am Blessed Ministries under the leadership of Senior Pastor Leon Bogle. Being a man of obedience he paid heed to the Prophectic word spoken over his life by his Senior Pastor, Leon Bogle to release his debut Single. With this Prophetic word he released his singles “My Rock” and soon thereafter “JOY”. For more Talent like JUMU click HERE

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