Artistic Registry

This registry is intended to supply you with contacts in as much Creative Disciplines as possible. The talent is all Caribbean Based or related to the Caribbean Diaspora.

For Creatives wishing to add their data here please contact [email protected]

Individual / CompanyDisciplineContactsEmail/WebsiteCountry 
Penelope SpencerActress[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Kevin BaldeosinghAuthor[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Kerry YoungAuthor[email protected]Jamaica
Tricia DavidAuthor[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Dr. L. Beverly CorridonAuthor[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
AnnMarie MayersAuthor[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Tevin DubeAuthor[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Mark LoquanComposer[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Christine LordeCrafting[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
DelanoDancer/Instructor[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Claudia PegusDesigner[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Rhea AhongDesigner[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Jessica ArnoldDesignerstitchedbyjrabzz-FBTrinidad and Tobago
FavalaDesigner[email protected]Dominican Republic
Roger AlexisDirector[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
louris Lee SinghDirector[email protected];Trinidad & Tobago
Nick AttinDirector[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Steven EdwardsDirector[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Navid LancasterFilm Composer[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Stephen JohnGospel[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Wendell RileyIllustrator[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Mayaro The BandLive Band[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Orisha SoundLive Band[email protected];Jamaica
Tasman JudeLive Band[email protected];Canada
Michelene AugusteModel[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Stacy NurseMusical Producer[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Ernesto GarciaMusician[email protected];Venezvuela
Samantha RochardPainter[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Ann Judy MungalPainter[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Antonio ButtsPainter[email protected];Guyana
Alicia BrownPainter[email protected]Jamaica
Judy MungalPainter[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Shauna NarinePainter[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
NaluPainter[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Dex the MacPainter[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Jason HospedalesPainter[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Voces De PromesaParang[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Los BuenosParang[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Randy RichardsPhotographer[email protected]Jamaica
Ariann MiekaPhotographer[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Christena WilliamsPoet[email protected];Jamaica
Joe MillerProducer[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
Kareem MortimerProducer[email protected]Bahamas
Ato OseiProducer/Visual and Performing Artiste[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Kuta YRapper[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
TT Artiste RegistryRegistry [email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Debbie BeaujonSinger[email protected]Curacao
ShazelleSinger[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
JalenaSinger[email protected]Turks & Caicos
Fire FarmerSinger[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Mz MuffinSinger[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Cristel laGuerreSinger[email protected];Grenada
Tisha GittensSinger[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
KushiteSinger[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Crystal Katerson ManooSinger[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Nekisha CyrusSinger[email protected];Trinidad and Tobago
Asher OttoSinger[email protected];Antigua
Treldon LayneSpeaker Song Writer[email protected]Trinidad and Tobago
Writers Association GrenadaWriters[email protected]Grenada

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