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The Objective of this page is to give the opportunity to viewers to purchase the ORIGINAL pieces of the art featured here.

If you like any art featured on this page simply contact the Artiste to arrange viewing and payment. It is the intent of PlentyTalent to keep this page updated but PlentyTalent is not responsible for approving sales nor pieces sold upon you contacting the artist.



Artist: ATO OSEI :1 868 620-8567 View his information on PlentyTalent here
Title: Red House from the SquareSize: 25×40 inches

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Price: $3,000.00 ttd

Title: Spirit in the PortSize: 25×40 inches

 Medium: acrylic on canvas

Price: $3,500.00 ttd

Title: Gran CouvaSize: 44×72 inches

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Price: $5,000.00 ttd

Title: Old Arnos Vale HotelSize: 18×28 inches

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Price: $2,400.00 ttd

Artist: NALU contacts 
nalu dog moleculenalu fantasy
“Molecules” 100″x120cm Acrylic   $200 usdFantasy” 100 x 120cm Acrylic  $200 usd
nalu dressed end womannalue erotica siluetas
“Dress end Woman” 80 x 50cm” Acrylic $150usd “Erotic Siluetas” 100 x 120cm Acrylic                    $200 usd
Artist: xxxxxxx contacts 1-868-620-8567
“Sunrise in Toco” 12″x17.5″ Acrylic   $3200ttdRiver of Hope” 8.5″x13″ Acrylic     
judy sunset in claxton bay
“Pool at Asa Wright Nature Centre” 6″x8″ Acrylic    $700 ttd “Sunset in Claxton Bay” 10″x 14.5″ Acrylic      $4,800 ttd
Artist: xxxxx contacts 1-8
Ato West coast sunsetAto into nature's sweetness
“West Coast Sunset” 28.5″x 37″ Acrylic on Canvas  $3,000ttdNatures Sweetness” 28″x 28″ Acrylic on Canvas        $2,800 ttd
ATO A green awakening
“Brechin Castle 52″x 38” Acrylic on Canvas   Accepting offers 620-8567 “A Green Wakening” 35″x 26″ Acrylic on Canvas  $2,800 ttd
Artist: xxxxxx   contacts 1-868-
“Fancy Bird” 26″x 16″ Acrylic and Calabash on Canvas  $4,200 ttd“Rangoli” 18″x 23″ Acrylic and Calabash     $1,250ttd
“Earth Provides-Mahatma Gandhi” 13″x 18″ Acrylic on Calabash and Canvas           $2,400 ttd“XXX” 20″ x 15″ Acrylic on Canvas and Calabash    accepting offer 1-868-620-8567
Artist: Gerard Gittens  contacts 1-868-620-8567
Gerard GittensTechno ManGerard Gittens Through the wringer sharper_1
“Techno Man” 30.5″x 22.5″ Assemblage 

$4,200 TTD

“Through the Wringer” 37″x 18.5″ Assemblage      $7,900 TTD
g gittens evening shadenest gittens
“Evening Shade” 43″x 47″ Assemblage/Quilt           $9,800 TTD“Reef Dive 1″ 12″x 45” Assemblage                $4,500 TTD

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