With the advent of the many forms of media formats now available now more than ever we in the Caribbean have ample opportunities to promote our Talents both within and outside of the Caribbean.

At PlentyTalent.com the intent is to promote emerging and existing talent in the creative industry and related. The key objectives are:

1)    Encourage people to gravitate towards the creative talents within the Caribbean.

2)    Promote and feature people in the creative industry both known and unknown

3)    Grow the potential for the Caribbean to feature highly as a location of choice for the Global creative industry

4)    To provide a forum for greater visibility for local and regional creative features, music, arts and related.


In 1986, UNESCO published its landmark Framework for Cultural Statistics (FCS) which was the first comprehensive attempt to develop common methodologies to capture information about cultural activities. The FCS seeks to provide a common structure to collect data on cultural activities that could be ultimately lead to cross-national comparisons of cultural statistics.

The FCS defines ten distinct categories: (0) cultural heritage; (1) printed matter and literature; (2 & 3) music and the performing arts; (4) visual arts;(5&6) audiovisual media (5 cinema and photography; 6 radio and television); (7) socio cultural activities; (8) sports and games; (9) environment and nature. It should be noted that “The dramatic development of  the internet, e-commerce and digital file formats in particular has profoundly changed the way people create, work in and ‘consume’ culture over the last 20 years and any new methodologies must take this into account.”

The production of this website is a labor of love for the Artistic and Creatives throughout the Caribbean. Gavin Luke and Andrew Proudfoot, both Caribbean natives have spent over five years developing the website and content.  ” The feeling is that the potential of the Caribbean is so vast and there is need for many vehicles to showcase the wealth of the Caribbean Talent on the global stage. This is the mission and this website is a way for us to do our part”. Many new features are planned for the site and soon a rewards program will be introduced for those willing to help us support the cause.

At the moment the website gets over 25,000 hits per month and we average about 1700 unique visitors a month. Through your help we also hope to grows these statistics.

To contact us you can either leave a response on our website or contact us via [email protected] Feel free to also visit our FACEBOOK page or help us grow our Twitter Account.

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