Geeta Outar-Sirjoo

Geeta Outar-Sirjoo is a Guyanese born writer. At an early age she migrated to Trinidad and Tobago, where she established herself as the CEO of “Geeta’s Creations”. A garment establishment creating uniforms for companies and schools. Inspired by a literal dream, her first book “FORTUNATE DISASTER” was published in 2013. Fortunate Disaster, set mainly in India, is a tender story of love and loss. It caters for a wide audience; however, it captures the hearts of the romantics.  Her creativity then led to another fictional romance/drama novel “A RAINBOW IN THE NORTH”. A triangular love story set in Trinidad and Tobago about a man being caught in a relationship with a mentally unstable wife and a successful fashionista. This has captured the interest of a producer for a television series for which preparations are in progress. LONE SURVIVOR is a short story set in Guyana and inspired by true events. A story about the trials of poverty and the existing dangers for hardworking fisherfolks…. And then there’s “CASTLES IN THE SKY”. CASTLES IN THE SKY is another fictional romance/drama inspired by true events and set in different parts of the Caribbean but mainly in Guyana. The story tells of a young boy’s journey and his conquests and conquerors as an adult. GEETA OUTAR-SIRJOO’S love for creativity has also led her to scriptwriting. “Art of Love” is the proof of concept for a feature movie she has created and scripted for a movie producer. She has a few more scripts on the market at this time. “Secrets in the Rupununi” is one she holds closest to her heart. Geeta Outar-Sirjoo is also a ghost-writer who has now set her mind to inspire and empower women and young girls. Geeta also recently participated in the Collaborative project entitled Plenty Gems: A Blending of Caribbean Talents for which she contributed two riveting stories; “The Terrific Trio” and “Predictions”

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