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The much anticipated “Read Yuh Ting” Poetry Contest hosted by the West Indian Women Network (WIWN) and recently occurred with 12 contestants from, Saint Maarten, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago. The standard of delivery was very high proving the art form of poetry in the Caribbean is very high. Emerging as the winner from the event was Kiona Assing with her reading of “Lure of the Reckless Child”. Second place was captured by Kasi Senghor with “Sometimes I Remember” and third was Christianna Sahadeo with her reading of “Space Between”. Interestingly enough the event also included a People’s Choice winner to be voted by the live audience. Kiona also emerged as the audience favourite on the night. The prizes for the event were courtesy Aquatica Swim Club, eSpeara Charters, WIWN,, A Better Life, Caribbean Social Media Hub and Femininely Free. A lucky member of the live audience also received a surprise prize for answering a skills testing question on the night. Much more is expected and coming soon. On her win Kiona expressed;

“I still can’t believe it. I won. I’ve read my poetry aloud before but I’ve never dared to enter a contest reading my work. There were some other quality poets in attendance so to know I won. I celebrate that and take it as a compliment and a sign to keep writing and sharing my work. ‘Read Yuh Ting’ was/is a great platform to hone your skills and meet with other growing regional poets and writers. I hope the contest continues and I look forward to hearing from and following the other poets on the future. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the experience and will cherish this victory.”

Kiona Assing is a Trinidadian writer who uses the nom de plume Abby Kay for her poetic works. She is a certified project manager with a background in civil engineering. Life has taken her on a journey that includes being a businesswoman, tutor, and life coach; however she has always harboured a love for writing and the arts. Her natural inner joy is always multiplied when mixed with good food, great music, dance, and loved ones. Of Life and Love is her debut full poetry collection, published in March 2021. In 2023 she released a poetry chapbook entitled Ode to the Moon. Abby Kay’s body of works have only just begun and promises an exciting future.

She declared “I love life and music and I feel everything, deeply. And isn’t that what poetry is? An intense expression of emotion, thoughts and ideas! In that sense, I’m not sure I would say that I’m inspired to write poetry but more so compelled, because life is always taking us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. So when the ride rests and there is space to process the emotions, what comes forth is often poetic, at least that is the way it is for me.”

Kiona is currently working on a personal development book called Pursuing Passion- Engineering the Life You Want, as well as a novel and two poetry chapbooks. As a proud Caribbean woman she is open to doing live readings and writing for theatre.

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