Joel W. Frederick

Joel Frederick is a poet/author whose mantra is “Find your purpose….Embrace your peace”. Having already been published he writes about life’s experiences often times on topics of love and its related emotions.  His poetry “comes from a deep emotional place inside” and provides an avenue for him to deal with his own personal struggles and insecurities. His works as a result brings out emotions which are “manifested into masterpieces of metaphors, colourfully painted and articulated”. Joel often delivers his poetry in a form of storytelling which has the power to evoke emotions of encouragement, sadness, love, lost, triumph and even hope. He reflects that “If my work just touches even one person, then it would not be in vain. To me…. this is poetry at its essence, the ability to connect to people emotionally, at specific levels of their consciousness.”  In reference to one of his books “Butterfly on a Purple Moon” he sees life like a butterfly where we are all beautiful, regardless of how short or long our lives are.

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