The Psalmist

26-year-old Josiah Gloud, also known as Josiah The Psalmist, has been a lover of music for as long as he could remember. During an active period in his life at Belmont Boy’s College, he was involved in many activities such as rugby, football, basketball, cricket, and of course, music. Josiah’s musical passion began taking over and he wanted to learn more to become skilled in the vocal arts. He feels grateful to have developed his career over the years, receiving opportunities to perform in a variety of places such as hotels, restaurants, boat cruises and even fetes.

Josiah current leaning is to use his voice to magnify the name of God. This has become his life’s purpose, with the realization that his love for God had surpassed everything else. Through gospel music, he has found the medium to sing his praises to the Lord. Josiah’s intention is to inspire that divine love in all those who listen to his voice and music. Joshiah also entertains booking via the Treldon Layne Management Group.

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