Renisha Alexander

Renisha Alexander whose sobriquet used to be “Empress Ree” was born in New Grant where she started singing Calypso in 2016. “I always liked to sing and I had the opportunity to audition to perform with Missioneer’s Calypso tent through Curlissa Charles Mapp.” She immediately sites her other role models as Singing Sandra, Karene Asche also Nicholas Lucas, Patrice Roberts, Destra and Kees. Her songs she is most proud include the one written by Victor Gomez entitled “The Opinion”; a song written about the Marcia Ceasar case. The next is “Backbone of a home” written by Mr. Voisin. The latter is a song about the strength of women. This song won her first place in Siparia Fest in 2019. She has since also performed in the carnival celebrations of Barrackpore, Moruga, Tableland, Mayaro, Rio Claro and at the Princes Town Day in Princes Town. She also regularly performs with Trevor G Online.

Renisha considers herself SUPER SHY although she performs publicly. Her aspirations are to sing different genres of music like Reggae, Dancehall or even Soca. Collaborating is also an option she is willing to pursue.

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