Loxton Mitchell

Loxton Mitchell is a Grenadian born Gospel Artist. Equipped with an acoustic guitar in his hand and a soulful voice, he is known for singing contemporary soft rock gospel music. At age 7, growing up with his grandmother in the rural area of Pearls, she instilled within him the importance of attending church. His church, Hermitage Church of God, was where his spiritual walk with God began. To cope with life’s challenges, he turned to music listening to David Crowder and admiring the authenticity of Cold Play’s lyrics. “For me music is therapy, music found me. It subsides all anger, exposes my true self while imparting happiness.” explained Loxton. His first instrument he owned was a box guitar which his father purchased for him. During his formative years at the Grenville Secondary School between 1997 and 1998, Loxton played the bass guitar in the local school band. Within his local church he learned to play the electric guitar, keyboard and the acoustic guitar. Loxton meticulously listened to various styles of music noting their genres, loops, structures and melodies “I just wanted to play music. Music was my shrink”. Always the musician and never the lead singer he was challenged by a fellow church member to sing a song. Reluctant at first, he motivated himself and accepted the challenge which led to him writing his first original song “God is there”. In the year 2009 Loxton formed the band All Anointed.

Loxton believes that when given an opportunity to perform on stage it is never just a performance, but it is ministry knowing that he is a vessel being used by God to spread the gospel. In 2015 Loxton Mitchell and the All Anointed Band held their first concert named “Sacrifices, Say yes” followed by their 2018 concert “Reason to Worship” where he sung a number of his original songs such as “No one” and “Reason to worship” alongside a few of the island’s longstanding gospel bands. Along with the All Anointed Band he has headline with William McDowell and Sinach and also at the Pure Grenada Music Festival in 2016 and 2018. He has also been the featured artist in other countries including St. Vincent and the Grenadines (2018) in “Sing It Like The Stars” and GospelFest Barbados in 2019.  He was the sole Caribbean Artiste performing at the European Gospel Festival in 2019.  

Throughout all his years of ministering through music, he finds solace in the scripture of Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Using his gifting, Loxton Mitchell will continue in the foreseeable future, to allow gospel music to reach more individuals, one song at a time. For more like Loxton Click HERE

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