Jamez Levels

Jamez Levels is a creative singer/songwriter from Suriname, who already has several no.1 hits to his name and is known for his combination of different styles and languages in his music. In 2012 he joined Okasi, a Surinamese record label, as a rapper creating Dutch music. After a while he joined the Surinamese rap group HMG and worked with them doing shows in mainly Surinam from 2014 till 2015. Jamez also tried his hand with managing the female artist Adika for one year and landing her a record deal with the Dutch record label Top Notch. In pursuit of self-development he decided to forego management to switch to focussing on his own music career. In 2019 Jamez achieved the No. 1 position in Surinam with his track ‘Non Ce N’est Pas Bon’ for which the song received an award. With the help of the Surinamese radio station Magic 10 FM, the track came to the attention of label Foxx Records who released the track in a joint venture with Bip Records in several countries. One of Jamez most notable songs in recent times was the surprise piece entitled ‘Kuch Kuch’ for which the catchy sound is attributed to the combining of Hindi, Aucaans(Surinamese dialect) and English into the finished product. Because of his unique voice and how easily he combines various languages such as English, French, Dutch, Surinamese and Aukan he is often published by Redhead Music Publishing.

Een van de meest opvallende nummers van Jamez van de afgelopen tijd was het verrassingsstuk ‘Kuch Kuch’, waarbij het pakkende geluid wordt toegeschreven aan het combineren van Hindi, Aucaans (Surinaams dialect) en Engels in het eindproduct. Vanwege zijn unieke stem en hoe gemakkelijk hij verschillende talen zoals Engels, Frans, Nederlands, Surinaams en Aukan combineert, wordt hij vaak uitgegeven door Redhead Music Publishing. For more on Talent like Jamez follow us HERE

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