Kuta Y

Originating from Duncan St. Trinidad & Tobago Kuta Y is now an avid rapper singing his own music. Inspired by his love of music and entertainment and the songs of NEIL IWER GEORGE and IzZ Da Voice Of Da Hood D Face Of Da Ghetto he plans to put E in Everything So Expect To See More.

In making sure to mention his admiration for Dwayne the Rock Johnson he also is quick to note that he is taking it one day at a time but invites everyone to pay attention as “He Grows in the New World!!! This includes plans for Videos, Commercials , Movies and Clothing lines.
commercial for Live Above the Influence

Profile Excerpts
The M.I.D Project! Managed Hip Hop music group 3 different artists ( M.illio, I.zz, D.ee ) In Pennsylvania.
First song * Y Would I Lie * performed live at the American Legion Midland Pennsylvania. Performed with IzZ In Club Chrome and Club Armandos
For more on Kuta Y just type * Kuta Y * in your Android App Store or visit PlentyTalent Facebook page

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