Jenile Diaz

JENILE DIAZ is a contestant in the upcoming pageant Miss All Star 2015 on the 24th and 25th of October at the Arima Government Primary School. Jenile attends Diego Martin North Secondary and whilst she is a budding model she also aspires to be a Master Chef and a future Miss Trinidad and Tobago.  She expresses that such an opportunity will allow her to help in making T&T a better place through God’s grace.  Her intended project will be the planning of a massive beach cleanup in the West over the next few weeks. As an emergent from the Morvant community she is ably supported by the talented Fire Farmer and as such Plenty Talent throws their support behind her as well. SHE CURRENTLY HAS TICKETS TO THE PAGEANT AND NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT SO DO CONTACT HER AT 348-6778 for tickets.

all star 2015diaz

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