Dr. Shalini Singh

Dr. Shalini Singh attended Bishop Anstey High School and completed her B.A, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad receiving first class honours and a post graduate scholarship. As an artiste her works have already been exhibited in New York, Colombia, Guyana and Miami and of course Trinidad. She claims to be inspired “by celestial and cosmic elements, the unknown territory, the unseen, ancient mythology, symbols, artefacts, rituals, cave drawings, tribal communities and monumental works of civilisations forgotten, lost or recorded in history books.” As a result her works are often based on experiences, images, ideas from her environment, and from what she sees and what she wants to see. In her imagery she often attempts to create a new world order from fragments of various cultures.

 Her mediums are basically whatever colour media she can find and can even vary from “eye dust, liquid paper, lipstick, chalk, crayon and even the blue for washing white shirts”; all for the purpose of mixing and creating unique compositions. Her wish is for Trinidad and Tobago's art “to move beyond limitations and to aspire even where it may be impossible”.

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