Joy Luk Pat

Trinidad and Tobago’s multi-award-winning mixed media artist Joy Luk Pat recently launched her first-ever solo exhibition entitled ‘Wealth and Happiness,’ at the Arnim’s Art Galleria.  Patrons enjoyed a collection that radiated positivity and celebration, featuring the artist’s stunning signature use of metallics.  Luk Pat was awarded Best Emerging Artist from The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago in her first time exhibiting in 2016. In 2021, she won the Excellence for Mixed Media Award from The Women In Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (WIAOTT).

Joy consistently explores mixed media to reveal compositions that are as playful as they are complex,” says Michelle Tappin-Davis, WIAOTT President. Additionally, in 2019, her steel-pan-inspired painting, Passion, was selected as a gift to the Chinese Delegation on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rather than rehearse concerns and common misconceptions about wealth and happiness, the artwork in the exhibited collection “celebrated the wealth we already have around us and inside us,” Luk Pat declared. From the wealth of our natural paradise to our varied cultural riches, which include Trinidadian Chinese culture, her paintings reflect this with bold vibrancy.

Luk Pat is a proud full-time artist and sees this milestone first solo show as an opportunity to honor all those who have supported her throughout her journey as an artist.  For  more Talent click here

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