Aliya Blake

Youngster Aliya Blake is proof that it is never too early to become a published author. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 2001 and from very early on developed an early love of reading and writing. She as a result has already been published through her first self-published book Cliffhangers. “Aliya is a perfect example of a self-motivated girl who is aspiring to become a successful author, lawyer, and businesswoman” whilst continuing to ignite her love for writing short stories. Her journey included taking creative writing lessons that required writing short stories. Being encouraged by both her teacher and mother her decision to publish her first title took approximately two years to finish, including having the stories edited and completing the illustrations. Cliffhangers, as the name implies is a compilation of cliffhanger short stories geared towards students, for leisure and creative writing.

The stories all fall into the category of fiction and suspense, and leave the reader to imagine what happens next. “They’re a nail-biting series of exhilarating, open-ended stories intended to keep one on the edge of their seat!” The writing style was influenced by such works as Goosebumps, Creepover, Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Famous Five. With the book also already published in Mandarin it is hoped that the book can be further translated into other languages to capture a wider audience of various cultures. In wishing for young readers to see the value of taking time for reading and writing, Aliya suggests that everyone can overcome procrastination, focus, persevere and never give up!  Aliya recently secured second place in the recent 2019 Trade and Investment Convention “Win a FREE booth Competition” which is an indication of much more to come from Aliya. 

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