Khadine Theophilus bearing the sobriquet Nzinga, was born in Trinidad has been singing for many years. She uses music to communicate with the hearts and minds of people, spreading joy, love and awareness. Her role model is her mother Clara Taylor. Khadine was part of a band called “Change” in her teenage years. She sang her first groovy Soca  “Carnival Luv”,  written, produced and mix and mastered by Lincoln Waldron. More recently she released a Calypso entitled   “Crime”, written and produced by Lincoln Waldron and mixed and mastered by David Ramlal ( House of Music). “Crime” is her latest contribution in the style of Social Commentary. Through song Khadine serves to be an inspiration to people with whom she comes into contact with on this journey.

Social commentary specifically seeks to critique an aspect of society. It can comment on political, religious, cultural, or other important aspects of society. Society has never been perfect, and because of  that, social commentaries have existed throughout history. Anytime humans interact with one another, problems can inevitably arise.

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