Christine Lorde

Trinidadian Christine Lorde grew up in Maraval with her great aunts. She was always surrounded by nature and grew to appreciate and respect it from an early age, to the point that a love for recycling came naturally. Anxious to explore water colors, her fond memories include re-painting all the walls of the bathroom with rainbows, and flowers and butterflies. Much to the surprise or shock of her parents .   lorde1

Her experience as a graphic artiste at John Donaldson Technical Institute brought her into contact with creative people such as Christopher Cozier, Ronald Halfhide and Steve Oudit. With Graphic Design being her first love, she ventured into advertising and then publishing where she was a Creative Director, designing travel magazines, newspapers and fashion magazines. She further sites Gillian Bishop as an inspiration and motivation who as a creative force encourage her to push herself further.

Her journey into her art form started when she lived abroad. Wanting to share a bit of Trinidad with her friends at Christmas, she started making Ponche de Creme and had collected quite a bit of bottles at the time.  The decision was to decorate them and give them as gifts. She also crafted Hand-made cards and jewelry from things she found on the beach and gave them with the bottles.

Christine loves what she does because she has the capability to turn items that would have ended up in a river or the sea, or land fill into something that can be re-used and appreciated. This includes toilet paper rolls and even pieces of carnival costumes. Specific to her love of bottle art, she does not like to duplicate her designs, so most of her hand-painted bottles are originals. She professes to love glass bottles, not only because they can be hand-painted and made into jewelry, but also because they can be re-cycled by everyone. She refers to herself as the bottle lady so to speak.

Her brand is named Pix•ie Bits © and has to do with a combination of the pixie haircut she has and the bits and pieces she uses to bring it all together. Many of her Hand-Painted bottles have a religious tone, which stems from how she was brought up. Having herself encountered many difficult situations she considers her works as a means of giving a little hope and encouragement to everyone. Her journey of creating continues.

Featured Works


8 years painting bottles

Jewelry Apprenticeship with Rachel Ross.

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