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By on February 25, 2016

side1From the small twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, rises a band like no other! With determination to bring Rock music back to its Full Glory!

From the strum of the first chord to the crash of the final cymbal; Sidekick Envy envelops the listener in the sound of creative riffs and emotional lyrics. The band has brought together four of the most uncommon friends set to working towards a common goal; and that is to bring rock and roll back to its full glory……however under their own terms. Terms that include un-apologetic loud guitars and a hard hitting rhythm section. Logan, Disko, Vincent and Kevin are here to mix their own concoction of a musical drug that will ebb into your hearts and flow into your soul.


Lead Vocals/ Guitar: The Logan – Not just the dreamer but a ‘Fly Boy’ with his eyes to the sky. The fact that Logan literally has his ‘head in the clouds’ makes him the right man for the job of writing and composing those emotional lyrics that SkE has become known for.

Lead Guitars: Disko Pigg – A Beast on Guitar, nothing can be said about Disko's playing. You need to hear it, to believe it.

Drums: Vincent – The Powerhouse…..Crawled out from under some rock in the 80's Vince is heading to Infinity & Beyond. Vincent’s love of percussion brings the beat to SkE.

Slapping da Bass: Kevin 'The Gray'…Bringing to light all that lay in darkness. Being the youngest member in the band, Kevin brings that youthful energy to SkE.

Sidekick envy currently have their sights set on performing in the annual SXSW Music Festival and Conference to get more international exposure. The Festival occurs in Austin Texas in  March of 2016.

Even with the very niche support for rock music in their homeland do Keep an eye out for these lads from Trinidad! (bio courtesy SideKick Envy.)

Featured Works ( a kicking  number entitled All My Life !)


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