Voces de Promesa

voces picMost great things start off from small beginnings and the same can be said about Voces de Promesa. The concept of a Parang band was birthed from the interaction of five young secondary school students who were drawn together by their passion for music. The mastermind, Cassell George, was captivated with the idea of forming a young band and breaking into the Parang genre.

The first performing members of the band were a mixture of students from Fatima College and St. Augustine’s Girls’ High School who won the Junior Parang Competition in 2008. Buoyed with that confidence, and helmed by Darcelle Charles, the group joined the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT) in 2009 and stepped into the professional Parang arena.

Since then, Voces de Promesa has grown in stature to become a recognised contributor to the traditional art form. Acknowledging the waning interest in the Parang by the general public, Voces de Promesa has sought to foster interest in this genre by seeking out young, talented musicians and sharing their expertise and passion with those who are open to it.

As an organization, Voces de Promesa is not only passionate about music. The members have diligently applied themselves to their academic and personal life. The group doesn’t only house musically astute individuals but persons who aspire to be entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, engineers and scientists.

Some of the band’s achievements include being crowned the Champions of the ‘Viva Parang Competition’ and the ‘Lions Club Parang’ competition for 2014. But the band doesn’t plan to stop there. The members of this family continue to strive for excellence in the field of Parang music as they proudly represent Trinidad and Tobago’s dynamic culture. – Bio courtesy of Voces de Promesa

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