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By on July 17, 2018

Akley Olton is a CREATOR OF IMAGES from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who uses art to share the beautiful contradictions of the Caribbean. He is a young man dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema who is trained in visual arts, graphic design and audio visual production. Since 2011 he began to work as Director of Photography for Film Fiction, Documentary and Advertising. He studied Cinema (CINEMATOGRAPHY) at the International School of Cinema and TV EICTV, CUBA. He has worked on projects in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, London, Toronto and Ghana. His works include the feature Docu-Fiction film: HERO with Director Frances Anne Solomon in his capacity as Director of Photography. His projects have been screened, at a number of festivals, including Motiz,(2015) which was an official selection at the International  Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, and  Entropia (2016) which won best national short film at the Panama Horror film festival in 2017.

Growing up  in St. Vincent, Akley was always of the notion that the arts were only something to dabble in, he was never of the impression that he could make a living from it or that it could be viable until he had a life changing experience, facilitated by  Ms. Vonnie Roudette. She taught him that how to use a paint brush to change society with Art. “Only when we are able to look within at our strengths and weakness, can we truly grow and this is one of the fundamental functions of the arts: Empowerment. The arts represent independence, idealism and freedom.”  He believes that Vincentians haven’t come into a serious and considered place of understanding the true importance of the arts but the talent on the streets of Kingstown  is “mind blowing,” with so many dancers, writers, actors – young people – fighting to express themselves.

Under the name of  ISLAND REBEL, Akley has produced, directed, photographed and edited several music videos of local, regional, and International musicians. Nowadays, he is putting his energies into developing  his most ambitious dream, his first feature film  a road trip documentary called “Hairouna, Land of the blessed" that tells the story of the last island in the Caribbean to be colonized and the exile of his ancestral natives the Garinagu (Garifunas) nation who now live in Central America.

Ackley is a young man dedicated to the development of Caribbean cinema, trained in the visual arts, graphic design and audio visual production.

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